Who are we?

With over 150 years of experience in food production, at Nomen Foods we have made tradition, quality and innovation our life’s purpose.

Our origins

Our origins date back to 1860, when the Arrossaires del Delta de l’Ebre cooperative sowed the seed for what is now one of the largest rice cooperatives in Spain. With 1,000 producers and an annual production capacity of 125,200 TM, we have four globally marketed food and beverage brands: Nomen, Segadors del Delta, Bayo and Faro de Buda.

Our goal

Our aim is to give credit to the efforts made by each of the farmers who work our land, improving the crop yields of our fields, producing higher quality products and meeting the needs of our consumers.

Our commitment

Our commitment is to offer consumers the confidence to trust that the products they receive from us will always and without fail be of an excellent quality, environmentally friendly and with great nutritional value.

Strategic focus

Our strategic and future focus is to respond to new consumption and production demands in the food industry by developing innovation projects in grains, varieties and organic products and promoting respect to the environment through responsible and ethical commercial practices.

In addition, we seek the most innovative products entering the market right now, such as rice and ready meals aimed at achieving more efficient and modern cooking.

Focus on R&D

In terms of innovation, our efforts are focused on research, automation and improving productivity in general, to improve quality and achieve more complete nutritional products.

With a commitment to continuous development and at the forefront of the latest technologies, we have the most advanced technological services in place to carry out research and development, quality control and food safety functions, as well as training in agri-food.

125.200 MT

annual production capacity

0,2 M€

in education funds


local rice producers


rations delivered as social aid

Attractive workplace

One of our missions is to make Nomen Foods one of the best places to work. That is why we implement continuous employee development programmes, to promote a healthy family and work life balance, to attract intellectual capital and to retain talent.

Measures such as intensive working hours, flexible working hours, reduction of maternity working hours, internal promotions for positions of responsibility, ongoing training opportunities, great resources in safety and risk prevention in the workplaces and a fair pay policy make us an attractive company to work for.

Key factory and production data

  • 5 Dryers
  • 50.400 MT Paddy rice storage capacity
  • 84 Silos
  • 600 MT Capacity per silo
  • 20 MT/h Production capacity
  • 125.200 MT Annual production capacity
  • 16 packaging lines

Social and environmental responsibility

  • We have a good agricultural practice manual and our farmers comply with the agri-environmental commitments set by the European Union.
  • We give priority to external suppliers with environmental policies and ISO 14001 certification.
  • We give priority to external suppliers with environmental policies and ISO 14001 certification.
  • We look after the environment through our organic packaging design.
  • We put procedures in place to reduce our office material consumption.
  • 100% of the energy we consume comes from renewable sources.
  • We carry out annual environmental audits.

Quality certifications

Nine food quality certifications and 10 endorsements accredit the excellence of our products, based on the combination of tradition and innovation and on continuous improvement to our infrastructures, processes and resources without harming the environment.