NOMEN has been representing tradition and quality in rice for 80 years. It is the specialist rice brand with the most diverse product range on the market and is always committed to offering the highest quality. That is why it is the number one rice brand in Catalonia, as well as having a significant presence in their entire range of specialities throughout the rest of Spain.

A well-known and prestigious brand that has been able to evolve offering, in addition to the usual rice dishes, a whole world of new varieties for customers to enjoy in their kitchens. Nomen round rice and Nomen bomba rice can be picked out as being particularly important.


NOMEN product family


Rice is the star member of the Nomen product family. It is the widest range of rice dishes in the world: bomba, extra, organic, whole grain, arborio, basmati, wild, thai, sushi, wild, risotto… In addition to the selection of Your Recipes and Arrozísimo, the range of quick cooking steamed rice dishes.

These products are made of 100% rice, free from additives or allergens, processed in respect to the environment and are highly valued by chefs of international prestige for preparing from Mediterranean recipes to the most creative dishes.

Other products

To accompany the wide variety of rice dishes, Nomen presents a line of top-quality food products for a healthy and balanced diet: for staying healthy, for everyday life, for special occasions or for when you simply don’t have time.

These are products such as mashed potatoes, flour, semolina, breadcrumbs, rice drinks, couscous or quinoa.

As well as ready meals such as paella, fideuá or black rice made with no artificial colouring or preservatives, small rice pots that can be ready in 1 minute and the selection of haute cuisine dishes from the Nomen a la carte range.