Segadors del Delta

SEGADORS DEL DELTA represents the naturalness and authenticity of the Ebro Delta. As well as possessing the Food Quality, Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Km 0 labels for its rice varieties, this brand has revolutionised the liqueur market with a range of alcoholic drinks distilled in a traditional still and elaborated from alcohol made from 100% Ebro Delta rice


Segadors del Delta product family


From the varieties of rice cultivated for generations in the Ebro Delta, a range of original and authentic liqueurs have arisen, made with alcohol from the hydrolysis and subsequent fermentation of the rice.

Rice cream liqueur
Liqueur 1860


Its four varieties of rice (extra, bomba, marsh and ecological) are grown in an unbeatable setting, the Ebro Delta Natural Park, with a humid and temperate climate, ideal for sowing and cultivation using traditional methods that respect the environment.